20l Jerry Can – Black Steel Finish

SKU: HAK21800160
EAN: 6009542205731

The classic all steel Wedco style 20l Jerry Can. Fits snug and rattle free in the Front Runner Jerry Can Holders.​​ **This Jerry Can does not meet U.S. requirements for fuel containers and Front Runner Outfitters USA does not sell this product for fuel storage. ​

50.00  (sis. alv.)

The classic all steel 20l Jerry Can but in a rugged black finish. Fits snug and rattle free in the Front Runner Jerry Can Holders.​   ** ATTENTION USA CUSTOMERS: This black jerry looks super cool — and that’s just about all it can be used for: looking super cool. It can not be used for fuel transport as it does not meet carb compliant and other standards. If you need a sleek looking Wedco style Jerry Can to use empty for car shows or to keep that moonshine in your garage, this is the jerry can for you! ​

Consists of:1x Jerry can with air-tight cap Materials used:Black painted steel Product Dimensions:350mm (13.8'') L x 165mm (6.5'') W x 460mm (18.1'') H Weight:3.82kg (8.42lbs)Special Notes SKU 20LJCB


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