Toyota Hilux Xtra Cab (2012) Double Rear Seat Vehicle Safe – by Front Runner

Keep your passports, cash, valuable travel documents, and mobile devices out of sight and locked tight in this under the seat all steel vehicle safe.​​

EAN: 6009542217123

290.00  (sis. alv.)

All vehicle based adventures require you to carry valuables. Don’t leave on your next trip without a way to protect them. A vacation is not a vacation if you are worried about theft. The Front Runner high security Rear Seat safe mounts out of sight, beneath the removable floor on both the driver side and the passenger side, yet is still easily accessible. Manufactured with black powder coated 14 gauge, thick steel. Designed and built in South Africa – a country where crime deterrence is an art form.

Paino 7 kg (kilogramma)
Mitat 540 × 370 × 70 cm (senttimetri)

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Automerkki Toyota
Automalli Hilux


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