1575mm Slat Add-On Kit – by Front Runner

More slats for more adventure. Add slats to customize your existing Front Runner Rack Tray. Create additional mounting points, a solid tray surface.

EAN: 6009542214269

113.00  (sis. alv.)

Transform your Slimline II rack tray into a semi-solid, or solid surface for sleeping, sitting, additional support and / or extra mounting points. Includes RRAC045 to secure extra slat to your Slimline II Rack Tray.This slat will work with any Front Runner Slimline II Rack that is 1575mm wide. Can also be used to build a custom Load Bar Kit, or as a replacement slat. Features T-slots on both the top and bottom faces. A slat’s sliding nut T-slot allow for quick fitting and removal of a variety of accessories and equipment. Made from the same black powder coated aluminum as all Front Runner Racks.  

RRSS1575 - 1575mm Slat - by Front Runner Consisting of: Material Used: Black epoxy powder - coated T6 aluminium Approximate Installed Weight: 1.95kg (4.3lbs) Shipping Dimensions: Width: 90mm (4'') Length: 1570mm (62'') Height: 23mm (1'') Shipping Weight: Weight: 1.95kg (4lbs)


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